Whitney Houston’s Funeral and More Music News

February 21, 2012

What a world we live in, eh? A famous singer dies and we all find out immediately. So immediate, in fact, that her own friends and family find out about it from the TV and not from each other. And now people are showing up to the funeral with little webcams duct taped to their dashboards to broadcast famous people going in and out of the church service. In fact, the entire service is being streamed live over the Internet. I don’t know. It’s just strange, that’s all.

A Surprising Tribute

Speaking of Whitney Houston, Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell tipped his hat to the fallen singer with this surprisingly pretty version of ‘I Will Always Love You’. Ah, 1992, how great was thee?

More Spotify Rankles

What do Coldplay, the Black Keys, and Adele all have in common? Besides music, mansions, and personal chefs, the answer is Spotify. Or, rather, the lack thereof. The popular music streaming service that lets everyone in your FB feed know your sometimes embarrassing listening habits (Yes, I saw that you just listened to an entire Goo Goo Dolls record) has been avoided by some of pop music’s bigger stars. Adele is just the latest in a long, somewhat prestigious line of pop stars (say, Paul McCartney) who are still hesitant to embrace music having gone digital over 10 years ago.

Bringing Up the Rear

Allison Kraus & Union Station rework the Simpsons theme for their 500th (!) show.

People want their pop stars to appear authentic, not authentic pops stars.

Name That Drum Fill = Pure Awesome.

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MJ Galbraith

MJ Galbraith

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